->> Four Clans Metaplot Minis Table



On 21 March 2012, the Four Clans Metaplot Sign-up was officially announced [1].
From 1st to 30 April 2012, you can get Four Clans Points by participating in the metaplot or thread games.
The Four Clanss Points can be redeemed into raffle tickets for Four Clans Premades Raffle OR Four Clans Token for Four Clans Minis.

Four Clans TokenEdit


They can be obtained by redeeming the Four Clans Points you got in participating in the metaplot or games in thread.
You can redeem Four Clans Minis by using Four Clans Token at The Apocalypse Supplies Centre [2].

Four Clans ParcelEdit


Occasionally, Four Clans Parcel might be distributed in meta ORP [3] or in thread games. They can be redeemed at Four Clans Tradestop [4] for a random Four Clans minis and a random sum of Four Clans Tokens.

Metaplot exclusive MinisEdit

By participating in the classes of Meta, special Four Clans Minis can be obtained.
They included Gruphle - Bait, Tangles - Four Clans.........

---> Gruphle - Bait


Gruphle - Bait

Gruphle Conquest


Gruphle - Bait

Gruphle Death


Gruphle - Bait

Gruphle Famine


Gruphle - Bait

Gruphle War

---> Tangles - Four Clans


Tangles - Four Clans

Tangles Conquest Clan


Tangles - Four Clans

Tangles Death Clan


Tangles - Four Clans

Tangles Famine Clan


Tangles - Four Clans

Tangles War Clan

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